Alison Walshe


Alison played full-time on the LPGA for 11 years and decided to step away from the full-time lifestyle of the tour but still participates in a few events a year to remain active for certain opportunities.  Walshe made her decision to hang it up on her sport earlier than expected by way of a gut feeling she wanted to do more than just golf.  Knowing the maturity and education developed from the unique platform that professional sport provides, Alison jumped into the business world working in many ventures to broaden her own knowledge and offer her skills.  Walshe continued her education and became a licensed Investment Advisor and currently works in Wealth Management as a Strategic Relations Manager.

Alison also stays close to her roots in sports and advises and serves on multiple organizations and start-ups in the industry.

To learn more about how Walshe played the course truly in her own way, tune into this podcast where she covers tips regarding college transferring, thriving in the LPGA, branding yourself to attract sponsors/agents that align with you, and transitioning out of your sport.

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