Alison Walshe


Alison Walshe played full-time on the LPGA for 11 years but although she decided to step away from the full-time lifestyle of the tour in 2018, she considers herself semi-retired as she competes in a few events a year to remain active for certain opportunities. 

Walshe made her decision to bow out of professional golf earlier than expected, due she says to a gut feeling that she wanted to do more than just golf.  

Knowing the maturity and education gained from the unique platform that professional sport provides, Alison jumped into the business world, working in many ventures to broaden her own knowledge and offer her skills. 

Walshe continued her education and became a licensed Investment Advisor. She currently works in Wealth Management as a Strategic Relations Manager.

Walshe also stays close to her roots in sports, and advises and serves on multiple organizations and start-ups in the industry.

To learn more about how she played the course her own way, listen to her podcast episode, where she covers tips regarding college transferring, thriving in the LPGA, branding yourself to attract sponsors/agents that align with you, and transitioning out of your sport.

What did you learn through sports that helped you thrive in the business world? And how did it prepare you?

I still uncover "A-ha" moments today a few years removed from my sport when it comes to learnings that apply to my life now in business. I’ve realized that when you are ‘in the game’ as an athlete, you are somewhat naïve about the amazing value you are developing. It's not a mistake to become one of the best in your sport or in the world. For me, it all boils down to hard work and what that encompasses - being willing to make sacrifices, being disciplined, managing time, embracing teamwork, feeding competitiveness, and absolutely loving the grind to perfection. It's addictive. For me, it has become so applicable - I always want to ‘win’ and I know hard work will get me there.

What are you doing today that you would love our athlete network to know about (current projects/partnerships etc.)?

Currently, I work full-time with an Investment Firm in Strategic Relations, and am responsible for developing business opportunities and partnerships as it applies to different projects within our firm. Aside from my work with the firm, I continue to involve myself in the world of sports and participate on a few boards and committees. I serve as an Advisor to two startups in the sports space, one in the financial services sector and one in the wellness space. I also volunteer my time with the Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund committee and the Massachusetts Golf Association committee, and serve as a Board Trustee for PGA Reach New England.

What advice would you give our Uru athlete community as they're looking for 'What's next?' and seeking to build meaningful careers off the field?

Patience is a virtue. I found myself anxious to take the first opportunity even though it was not the right fit. It can be hard to slow down and stop chasing goals when it's all you have ever known. Take the time to deep dive into your passions, ask questions, research, and use your network. This process will answer ‘What's next?. Once you determine the direction, know that the skills you have as an elite athlete will transfer and be applicable to almost anything you put your mind to. Trust the process.

Why are you excited about Uru's mission and what made you get involved?

Uru's mission not only excites me but also inspires me. To have a community of like-minded people supporting, engaging, and connecting opportunities for athletes brings such comfort and a positive impact. When you ‘leave the game’, you feel a sense of loss because what consumed you is not in front of you anymore. Uru Sports prevents that and helps put something great in front of you again. I personally got involved with Uru because I know there is not only a strong need for this platform, but I too welcome the opportunity to network with others as well as help other athletes in their processes.

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