Amobi Okugo


Recognized as Forbes 30 under 30 for achievements on and off the field, I am a first generation Nigerian American, the oldest of four siblings, born in Hayward, California, proudly raised in Sacramento.

For over a decade, I’ve played 200+ competitive matches across multiple teams including Philadelphia, Orlando, Kansas City, Portland, Austin Bold, and the USMNT Youth Teams including the 2012 Olympic Qualifying Team. During my professional career, I was fortunate to win various accolades for my talent, represent my teammates as a Team Captain and Player Representative, successfully negotiating improved player rights, and winning some trophies in the process like Open Cup Champion (2015), Western Conference Winners (2017), Copa de Tejas (2019) and others.

Playing professionally meant forgoing my hard earned full ride scholarship to UCLA, a choice unfathomable to my parents. Needless to say my mother made me promise I’d finish my degree. I kept my word. My mom is happy to report that not only do I have my Bachelors degree, I have a Masters too. I have been humbly privileged to study at incredible institutions such as UCLA, University of Louisville, Harvard Business School, Columbia University and more.

As a boy, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I’d convince my mom to pack me extra chicken wings for lunch, which I then sold for profit because I didn’t receive an allowance like other kids. Not much has changed.  As Founder and CEO, I have built numerous ventures such as Frugal Athlete, a financial literary platform; Serve Consulting, a business development and strategy service, Ok U Go Foundation, a non-profit supporting BIPOC youth, all while creating content for YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Pass the Remote podcast, Frugal Athlete podcast, 2cents FC, Bored In Sac, Business Insider, and more.

Outside of soccer and business, you can find me sports training, flying my drone, moderating networking events, hosting game nights, cooking, reading, or critiquing the latest tv show or movie. As you can probably tell, I'm always striving; always pushing past limits, and seeking more. I hope to teach you all I've learned and look forward to sharing my insights with you.