Blaine Scully


Blaine Scully enjoyed a distinguished career as a professional athlete in rugby union league. He was captain of the United States National Rugby Team, including at the 2019 World Cup, and he is known for his ability to consistently perform at an elite level and lead in a high-performance environment.

He’s also played for the University of California, Berkeley (Cal), USA Eagles (7s and 15s), the Leicester Tigers and the Cardiff Blues.

In 2016, Scully co-founded and led the United States Rugby Players Association as Chair, while simultaneously representing international rugby players globally as a member of the Global Player Council.

Since transitioning from sport, Scully has provided broadcast analysis for national TV networks, and advised sport-focused firms and start-ups while leveraging personal experience in global and elite professional sport. 

Scully is currently a Senior Associate management consultant in PriceWaterhouseCoopers ‘Deals Practice’, and he has experience throughout the deal continuum. He is also currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Oxford. 

What did you learn through sports that helped you thrive in the business world? And how did it prepare you?

In so many ways, I learned much about business during my playing career. As a professional, I was fortunate to get exposure to various elements unique to the business of sport and the greater industry. But at the end of the day, I had been an athlete and my job was focused primarily on the on-field performance of both myself and the team. While I was mentally ready for the next chapter and excited for new opportunities for growth in another arena, a shift in identity and day-in-and-day out routines certainly required quite a bit of personal work. But I have found that much of the intangible skills developed from my life as an athlete have been a source of strength, namely a growth mindset and the focus on incremental improvements each day.

What are you doing today that you would love our athlete network to know about (current projects/partnerships etc.)?

Since transitioning from sport, I have provided broadcast analysis for national networks, advised sport-focused firms and start-ups and joined two boards. Currently working as a management consultant and recently completed my MBA.

What advice would you give our Uru athlete community as they're looking for 'what's next?' and seeking to build meaningful careers off the field?

Be patient and be prepared for a shift in mindset. Athletes are excellent at working backwards from outcomes and translating that into feedback. In tackling "what's next", athletes need to remember to focus on the process and try (however difficult) to not compare themselves to anyone else (difficult for competitors). Continual focus on their own process and journey, maintaining perspective and willingness to learn are key attributes to a meaningful next chapter.

Why are you excited about Uru's mission and what made you get involved?

No doubt about it, transitioning from sport is hard. But with a proper plan and a supportive network, each and every athlete can be set themselves up for success. Uru's network provides a bridge for athletes during this transformative period. I am excited to support fellow athletes by offering encouragement and sharing personal experiences that may be helpful during their own journey.

Listen to more of Scully's story, plus his insights/tips on his podcast episode ‘The Winning Mindset’ here.