Brianna Salvatore


Brianna Salvatore Dueck is a passionate sport-for-impact advocate. As a former professional and D1 collegiate basketball player (Switzerland & UC Davis), she has seen the power of sport in her own life as a vehicle for social integration and positive influence, which was sparked in her at a young age in helping her overcome the loss of her mother. 

Prior to working in the sports industry, Dueck worked within the United Nations System (UNESCO) where she launched a project looking at the role of Sports Diplomacy and Sport for Development in helping attain the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

She is currently Head of Strategy at 17 Sport, where she works with the top properties and brands within the sports industry to maximize their capacity to have a positive impact on society (i.e. purpose-driven strategy), while also meeting strategic business KPIs.

Dueck has a master’s degree in International Development from the #2 globally ranked Sciences Po, Paris, and a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of California. 

She has also been an international speaker & Master of Ceremonies on the topic of Sport for Development, Sport for Gender Equity, and Sport & Climate Action at various events including for the European Union and Federation International de l’Automobile (FIA), Global Sports Week, and the NBA All Star Weekend.

What did you learn through sports that helped you thrive in the business world? And how did it prepare you?

Sports have taught me so many things but perhaps one of the most impactful things has been keeping my confidence in the midst of obstacles. This is really about being unafraid to make mistakes and instead, seeing mistakes as growth opportunities. In sports, we’re constantly taking a loss, whether that be in an actual game or even just within a drill during practice. As athletes, we learn what it takes to adjust in order to be successful the next time out. I believe this mentality has been something that has prepared me for the working world and something I see regularly playing out in my career.

What are you doing today that you would love our athlete network to know about (current projects/partnerships etc.)?

I recently stepped into a new role as our Head of Strategy at 17 Sport, which has been really exciting and a fun new challenge! I personally feel like I am in my sweet spot, getting to work on purposeful strategies (sponsorship, brand, commercial) for our clients (adidas, Sanofi, among others) which are helping them be successful in terms of the impact they drive for society and in achieving financial/marketing/brand goals.

What advice would you give our Uru athlete community as they're looking for 'What's next?' and seeking to build meaningful careers off the field?

Don't be afraid to really put yourself out there and do a ton of informational interviews with people in fields you are interested in. This is one of the best ways to discover your ‘second career’ post sport and people are so willing to help. It is totally possible to find something you are just as passionate about as your sport, and connecting with people and hearing what they do is a great way to help discover this.

Why are you excited about Uru's mission and what made you get involved?

There is so much value in Uru's mission and the community that is being forged through the company! It can feel so daunting to think about life after sport and we can often feel alone in the transition from sport to our ‘second career’. Uru provides such an incredible platform for athletes to lean into this transition and learn how to leverage the incredible tangible and intangible skills that make us athletes highly desirable in the working world (i.e. leadership capabilities, coachability, discipline, confidence). I see great value in Uru also for mid and late career professionals as well, in both the network Uru offers and career opportunities afforded through the platform. In conclusion, I truly believe in the mission Ainsley has set forth for the rock star Uru team she has assembled and I’m so honored and excited to be a part of this community!