Connor Carrick


Connor Carrick has been driven from day one, and it is that inner fire to improve every single day that has propelled him both on and off the ice. Now in his 9th season in NHL and AHL, he is defenseman current playing for the Providence Bruins. Throughout his career, he's focused on finding every edge to compete at his highest levels and provide the greatest contributions to his team. From his diet and training regimen to meditation and self-reflection, Connor takes a holistic approach to optimizing his performance.

It is this curiosity about continuous growth that also fuels his passions off the ice. He started the Connor Carrick Podcast in 2020 to not only speak with some of the world’s highest performing people to dive into their best practices and daily processes, but to also empower others to better themselves and find inspiration to realize their own goals. And Connor has a profound love of coffee that finds him spending as much time on crafting it as he drinks it.

Finally, Connor is a mental health advocate who actively works to help erase the stigma associated with it. By talking openly about his own well-being journey and inviting others to come along, he hope to encourage everyone to play offense in their own lives.