Uru Expert Joaquin Menini field hockey player

Joaquin Menini

Joaquin Menini

Home Town: Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Home Team: Club Ferrocarril Mitre
Current Club: HC Den Bosch

Hockey Journey/Summary:

I picked up a stick in 1996 because my sister play in our town´s club Mitre and I absolutely loved it. I played until I played first division hockey. Not long after I made the Argentinian Junior Team and few years later the Senior team. After playing the 2014 World Cup, I went to Madrid to play for Club de Campo for two seasons. Playing at different times throughout the year with the Argentinian National Team, I’ve gotten to play and visit several countries, including Australia, India, North America, Europe. We also won Gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics Games which was the best experience ever.

Following the Olympics, I moved to The Hague, Netherlands, to play for HGC only for one season. Then I made the switch to HC Den Bosch where I am currently. This year I also played for the Terengganu Hockey Team in Malaysia.

Why you’re excited/passionate about Uru:

Being an international player gave me the chance to play in a lots of countries, and then also know people who helped connect me with teams to play for overseas. For those without the connections it’s not so easy and this is why I am excited for Uru- It gives players the connections they need to have doors opened so they can experience the world through hockey.

Advice you give to the hockey community:

Try new destinations- you can’t imagine what’s is waiting for you and what you are losing if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity to play overseas.. When you go overseas, you not only get different style of hockey, but you are also are exposed to new cultures, make new friends and have a completely new life! It’s an incredible experience if you set it up correctly so let us help you do so!