Uru Founder Ainsley McCallister

Name: Ainsley McCallister

Home Town/Country: Ann Arbor, Michigan – USA

Hockey Journey/Summary:

McCallister was named an All-American while playing for the University of Michigan and she played for the USA at the Jr. World Cup in Germany. Post graduating college, she played for six different teams across the world, competing throughout South America, Europe and Australia. She was on a team that played in England’s National Championship, and teams that played in two of the worlds pinnacle hockey championships, the European Club Championship in Bilthoven, Netherlands and the Australian Hockey League in Perth, AUS.

Why She Started Uru Sports:

Field hockey created an experience where McCallister was able to compete at a high level, travel throughout Europe and the South Pacific, make close friends, do meaningful work in both England and Australia and learn a lot about herself and the world!

Initially in arranging this experience, McCallister was lucky enough to have advice and help from several coaches who are connected globally. Despite this valuable assistance, as well as using all the resources she could find, there was so much uncertainty about the opportunity ahead. It was intimidating and she set out with no expectation or even much information.

It wasn’t until she was immersed abroad that she was able to tap into knowledge and recommendations from many fellow athletes, whom have played in different locations, to help organize her next field hockey season abroad. From conversation, the vast collection of individual experiences were all encompassing. They ranged from; what weekly field hockey training schedule to expect, to what type of contract might be offered by a club, to what exciting travels should be experienced in a mid-season bye-week.

It didn’t sit well with McCallister that there are so many amazing sporting experiences AND so many people whom would be game, but no one place to learn about and connect with them. It also seemed a shame that everyone’s advice and connections would only hold short-term relevance, as the sporting world changes so fast.

Therefore McCallister just had to think of a solution…!

She created Uru Sports to capture the knowledge, connection and experience of every like-minded, travel and sports fanatic. The network has been built to make the world of sport smaller, to break down borders and to create a global community.

Often life as an import lasts only a short stint of time and by the time you get settled, it’s almost over! McCallister hopes that Uru Sports will provide awesome, helpful advice, so to cut down the transitional time and help athletes optimize their time abroad.

McCallister has experienced first-hand that with helpful connections your sport can take you places that you never imagined! She will always be thankful for the experiences she enjoyed, the memories she made and all the lessons she learned while playing abroad and leaving the US soil.

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