How It Works



Urū is an online platform connecting field hockey athletes & coaches and teams across the globe.

Our goal? Helping talented, adventurous athletes & coaches connect with playing positions, educational scholarships, internship opportunities and even jobs abroad.

Additionally, we help teams fill their rosters with talent that’s a perfect playing fit. We are empowering both athletes and coaches to expand their networks and to make confident and informed decisions.

Showcase Yourself

Highlight and record your hockey journey, both past and present

Find open Positions

Search Uru’s database to find amazing opportunities around the world

Worldwide Transparency

Connect with a larger network to set yourself up for the most successful hockey experience

Carpe Diem

Be a part of the amazing field hockey community. Seize the tremendous opportunities our sport has to offer


Step 1: Complete your profile

Your profile is all about you! This is an opportunity to tell teams about your experience and passion for your game. Teams want to know as much information as possible, so they know you’re the perfect fit. You’ll see the best results when
you make all your profile components are up-to-date, including:

  • a clean, clear profile picture
  • a summary about your background and why you joined Urū
  • a detailed player experience summary
  • a highlight reel of your major scores
  • up-to date coaching experience

Step 2: Gain Knowledge Through Exploration

Learn about hockey in different countries using Urū’s Explore feature. With this tool, you will gain knowledge about the opportunity and have a chance to assess it before committing to where you’d like to go overseas!

Step 3: Search opportunities

Open Positions: Teams have posted open playing positions. Use the advanced search criteria to find your best fit! Teams: Some programs may be listed, but they might not have posted positions available. Don’t let this discourage you! Teams
sign up with Urū because they are interested in having overseas athletes. It doesn’t hurt to reach out to your dream teams to inquire about possible opportunities.

Step 4: Messaging

Connect with the opportunities directly through our app.

Let our experts help you

Urū offers its premium subscribers access to experts who have extensive knowledge about current opportunities and teams. They can help reach out to teams and find the perfect fit! Looking for a stress-free way to engage? This service is
precisely what you’re looking for!

Contact us and contribute knowledge

This network has been built for you and we want you to get the most out of it. So let us know your thoughts and give us feedback so that we can get to work implementing your ideal features. Be sure to contribute your knowledge…. If we
build upon our collective knowledge and share our connections, the world of sport could be smaller, much easier to navigate, and provide many more opportunities.