Ambassador Program

Job Description

Posted on: 
June 27, 2022

MoneyLine is looking for ambassadors to promote sportsbooks to their friends, fraternities, and other sports fans to drive new customers to deposit and bet.

Job Specifications

1. Ambassadors will get paid $70 for every new customer (must be over 21) that deposits and makes a bet when they use their specific promo code and link. 

  • The promo code will also give each depositor a risk free bet or another promotion the sportsbook is running. 
  • You must drive 10 conversions before payment will be sent.
  • All funds must be deposited by brand new customers and under the promo code and link to count as a conversion.

2. Additionally, we will work with ambassadors to create milestones through fraternities. When those milestones are reached, we release the funds to the fraternity. Please see milestone options below.

  • If a milestone is not reached the ambassador will still be paid $50 for each new depositor, however the fraternity will not receive the additional funds.
  • Each Milestone does not stack onto each other. For example, if you got 100 new depositors through a fraternity, the fraternity would get $6,000 and the ambassadors would get $5,000.

3. The ambassador will also get paid for each conversion the fraternity drives.

Best Practices
  1. Initially ambassadors can reach out to friends and family that are sports fans who may be interested. (Consider venmoing them for their first deposit for an added incentive)
  2. Reaching out to fraternities or other organizations that can drive conversions.
  3. Going to sports events with QR code and talking to different people who are interested in sports gaming. 
  4. Each brand ambassador will need to drive 20 monthly conversion to continue in the brand ambassador program.
Fraternity Milestone Options
25 New Depositors 

$1,000 to be used at the fraternities next event.

50 New Depositors

$2,500 in funds to be used at the fraternities next event.

100 New Depositors 

$6,000  to be used at the fraternities next event.

200 New Depositors 

$14,000  to be used at the fraternities next event.

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