Our Uru A-Team

Our Uru Ambassador Team (Uru A-Team) is made up of athletes and coaches who know what it’s like to play globally, play under pressure, and play as a team. With their guidance, we are building our app to be something “they wish they had” during their sports journey, and help share their own experiences to our hockey community.


Meet the athletes and coaches from around the world who have played in multiple Olympic games, world championships, national titles, and club championships. Our U-Team has put in the blood, sweat, and tears to make it as a competitive player, while staying humble and motivated throughout the journey.


They are now willing to share their sports stories as imports, their path to success, and what has taught them most on their way to the top. 

Uru Sports field hockey expert rassie pieterse
Rassie Pieterse
South Africa
Uru expert Lauren Turner field hockey player
Lauren Turner
Field hockey expert Will Byas for Uru Sports
Will Byas
Sofi Viarengo
Liné Malan
Liné Malan
South Africa
UNC Chapel Hill Field Hockey Malin Evert
Malin Evert
Pat Harris Field Hockey
Pat Harris
Wendela van Dedem Hockey.nl
Wendela van Dedem
The Netherlands
Dirkie Chamberlain South Africa hockey
Dirkie Chamberlain
South Africa
Aki Yamada Japan Hockey
Aki Yamada
Naomi Evans Hockey Australia
Naomi Evans
Ally Hammel
David Ames
Kim Leiper
Steph Kershaw