Why Should You Upgrade Your Uru Sports Team Account to Premium?

Why would you become a Uru Sports premium team?


We will create for you a custom Urū profile– including more details that showcase your program in a new level.

uru sports team profile page in premium account


You get to post up to 5 playing opportunities instead of 1… therefore the amount of talent you can find through Uru increases.

list open playing opportunities in your uru team profile



Not only can you post more opportunities but you can also highlight what you’re offering. You can select different criteria that athletes can sort opportunities by, therefore you will show up in more search results and get more applicants.



Your opportunities will be showcased through emails and outside sources, again helping the positions you post, get more applicants.

4 premium



You can create a Uru Application. You can save time by selecting questions that are mandatory for the athlete to complete so that you can immediately get insight whether they are potentially a good fit.


You can manage your prospect athletes in our Urū Recruitment Tracker, moving athletes through the whole recruitment process from applied to committed. This is a portal for the eyes of your recruiting team and notes.


Ultimately, this premium membership has been introduced so that as a team you can showcase yourself more and find the right talent faster… saving you time, money and headache of missing out on the best recruits.


Join today for free and upgrade for this premium user experience!

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