Uru Players Testimonials

Hear from coaches and athletes on how Uru Sports has helped them achieve their dreams

Carly Bennett and Katie Trombetta

United States

“I didn’t realize how many options there really were….And now I feel just so much more comfortable and I’m ready to go wherever Uru takes me”

– Carly

Sofi Viarengo


“Uru has helped me connect with teams around the world and I have no words to explain the experiences I’ve had playing great hockey and making new friends…”

– Sofia

Matt Cook


“Uru Sports has been a fantastic platform for me and inspired me to take the plunge and move overseas to pursue my coaching career. And it’s been a great platform for recruitment…”

– Matt

Charlie Bowren

South Africa

“I used Uru Sports to play in both countries…it’s super simple and very easy to use, all you do is logon to Uru Sports, upload your profile, and they take care of the rest…”

– Charlie

Molly Murphy

United States

“I’m heading to Holland to get my Masters this fall and (with Uru) I was able to connect with a club that’s super close to where I’ll be living…and I get to keep playing hockey…”

– Molly

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