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Hiring is a team sport

Uru Sports saves time and money by attracting and recruiting diverse, high-fit athlete talent.

Hire with confidence

Athletes bring a competitive mindset that helps companies perform better. They have the skills and personality traits that make them successful in the workplace.


of presented candidates are interviewed

8 years

average years of work experience


elite athletes joining our bench each month

Winning bench of talent

Athletes bring a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives. We uniquely hire across the seniority spectrum as companies scale their Sales, Marketing, Business Development, and Finance teams.


competed in college


competed professionally


are women or people of color

Our streamlined process delivers results

Our data-rich process delivers quality search results in weeks, not months. The result - we place hires with a better fit, faster.


Our calibration process and data-driven search enables us to quickly bring clarity to your role and then hone in on the candidates with the strongest bi-directional fit.


We deliver deeply vetted profiles matched to your precise hiring criteria so you can focus your time on hiring, not disqualifying. Candidates arrive engaged and interested in your company.


50% of hires we've placed were introduced within 2 weeks. With our comprehensive profiles and data-centric approach, hiring managers save an average of 60 hours per hire.

Hire world-class talent

We have direct access to the best athlete talent from top universities, pro teams, Olympic teams, and Players' associations. 

Find Urū talent
Find Urū talent
Account analyst
Business manager
VP of Marketing