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Wealth Strategist

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Pasadena, CA
Pasadena, CA
Mid-Sr. Level
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AWM Wealth Strategist

A Wealth Strategist at AWM focuses on communicating with clients and responding to their needs by
collaborating effectively with all members of the firm to provide the highest level of quality and
excellence for our clients. This role is considered the “quarterback” of each client’s planning team.


  • Proactive rather than reactive
  • Diligent
  • Able to manage multiple client relationships
  • Self-Driven & Self-Directed
  • Able to oversee a full financial structure, including staying in tune with major priorities in a
    client’s life
  • Thrives in execution and implementation, but able to comfortably interact with clients
  • Able to prioritize effectively
  • Good time manager
  • Clear, articulate, and firm communicator


  • Is a main point of contact for clients, and document client communication for all team
    members to see
  • Responds promptly to clients and gives clear expectations to clients of when they can expect
    completion of requests
  • Communicates with advisors to have the most up to date information on the client
  • Proactively collects information from clients as needed
  • Builds out financial plans and articulates action items with both the advisor and the client
  • Continually learns different aspects of financial planning to ensure client is getting best advice
  • Skillful within all internal platforms including Salesforce, Libretto, Orion, and others
  • Manages a team of associates and senior associates and helps them in the development of
    training, execution, prioritization, and absorbing the AWM Capital Way
  • Manages execution of associates to ensure that what is communicated to the client is being
  • Able to delegate work to associates and senior associates and monitor their day to day
  • Honest communicator internally; able to be firm with advisors when needed
  • Works heavily with the tax team to ensure accurate information is being documented and
    included when filing tax returns
  • Coordinates and works closely with trading team to ensure client accounts are being handled
    and not just sitting in cash or out of tolerance
  • Provides recommendations to internal team and Partners of issues or internal systems that
    need improving; communicates questions clients regularly are bringing up
  • Works with AWM vendors to ensure items are being completed in a timely manner (insurance,
    estate planning, mortgages, etc.)
  • Is a good steward of AWM and represents the company as best as possible in any setting