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Controlling your narrative

Growing up in a sports community with a passion for sport is what led Patty Hubbard down a very fitting career path. Taking her skills from the field at Providence College, which were key to her development as a professional, Patty discusses how she successfully navigated her career in the sports industry. From wearing many hats in a minor league operation with the Providence Bruins, to building and leading teams in the agency world across multiple brands, to ultimately starting her own company on the innovative side when discovering a gap in the industry.

April 27, 2022
37 min

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Untraditional path to success
A teen phenom who knew what she wanted… literally… Michelle crossed sports off a list to land on golf because she “wanted to be a pro athlete”... and it certainly paid off!! Michelle Wie has matured under the spotlight, having eyes on her success from the early age of just 10 years old to now as a grown woman and recent new mom. Known as one of the greatest athletes in the world, Michelle has made her mark and history on the golf course, but she’s now hungry to be known for more. With a passion for innovation and investment, Michelle is strategically building a portfolio focused on women and minority-founded companies to be a mover for positive change. Tune in to learn more about the young girl from Hawaii that’s been wowing us for generations and hopefully more to come.
26 min
Linkedin for Brand Building
Stephanie shared tips to build your brand and unlock opportunities.
30 min
Winning in Entreprenuership
Lauryn Williams competed at the elite level in two Olympic sports – track and bobsled - earning one gold and two silver medals over a 12-year athletic career. She is the first American woman to earn medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. After realizing at age 20 that she was financially illiterate - despite earning a six-figure income - she hired a financial planner. Still, she didn't feel informed about her financial picture or how to reach her financial goals. As a result, Williams realized a gap in the market and founded her own financial planning company, Worth Winning. Lauryn will share details on his transition from an athlete to a career as an entrepreneur in the financial industry.
30 min
The Winning Mindset
Blaine Scully, former USA Rugby Cup Captain joins this week's podcast to share his story of international success that was driven by a winning mindset. Knowing he wanted to compete with the very best in the world, Blaine developed his skills at the University of California, Berkeley, and continued his professional career overseas in the UK. A true leader both on and off the field, Blaine took comfort in his recent retirement knowing that another journey begins, and as a true champion, he is excited to apply the same approach to the next stage of his career.
36 min
Running to success
From running races at Baylor University to running teams and a career off the field, Jenna Kurath has found herself in a dream job, leading innovation at Comcast Sports Tech, which propels innovation of the world's most promising tech companies. As an investor in Uru Sports, Jenna speaks passionately about what makes athletes prepared to push past the status quo and do incredible things off the field and in the boardroom. Tune in to hear Jenna speak to her secrets of success, highlighting the importance of having a sponsor, staying constantly curious, the importance of culture, and leaning on her learnings from her track and field days that she has seen come full circle in the workplace.
29 min
The Creator Economy
Kirby shared knowledge of the Creator Economy and careers in this emerging industry.
30 min
Using your platform to network
Ashton shares his approach to networking and leveraging his athletic background to open doors to new companies. In 2017, Ashton and his wife, fellow Olympian Brianne Theisen-Eaton moved from Eugene to San Francisco and built their network and community from scratch.
1 min
Adjusting to New Roles
José Calderón is a star both on and off the basketball court. José retired after 14 years in the NBA, which included a run at the NBA Finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2018, 3 Olympic medals, and currently still holds the record for the highest free throw percentage in an NBA season at 98.1%. What’s even more impressive is how José successfully transitioned his career off the court. Landing in roles as a Player Advisor with the NBA Players Association, a Front Office Advisor for the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise, and a Global Advisor for a large tech company. José's experience encourages preparation, surrounding yourself with the right people, and embracing the athlete community as a resource.
39 min
Sport x Business x Purpose
Brianna shares how you can make a positive impact through your career.
30 min
Knowing the Difference
He built The North Face? Yes, this week’s guest, Hap Klopp, the founder and CEO of the North Face, shares his story on how a Stanford College wrestler - yet a well-rounded athlete, also competing in football and notably winning a boxing championship by knocking out Senator Romney’s brother in round one, clearly knows how to win. With a vision to change the world, Hap founded The North Face soon after graduating and brought it from a small retail store to a global iconic brand. Now as one of our Uru Sports advisors, he not only helps us shape our brand but he shares his formula to success on our platform with members. Get a taste of Hap's disruption and drive, as you tune in to him speak on failure, teamwork, and passion.
35 min
Playing the Course
Alison Walshe, LPGA professional, and current business go-getter is your new host for season two of The Global Game. Alison shares her story, starting with the unique experience in that she played for three college teams - yes three! - before playing full-time on the LPGA Tour for 11 years. Alison then made the tough decision to hang it up in her sport earlier than expected, driven by a gut feeling she wanted to do more than just golf. Walshe covers tips regarding transferring, thriving in the LPGA, branding yourself to attract sponsors/agents that align with you, and more! Tune in to get to know your new host, and to hear how Alison’s playing the course truly in her own way.
32 min
It’s not just a sport, It's a lifestyle.
Jonathan Dues and Trevor Huffman, two former elite basketball players started a movement that will soon be in every college town across the country called Swish House. In this episode, we discuss their stories of both professional basketball and careers outside of sport. Facing harsh realities, culture shock, and lifestyle changes they weren’t proud of, they partnered up to start Swish House. Basketball is now back in their lives in a fulfilling way both physically and mentally, and not only for themselves but for others. Tune in to hear their amazing story. Oh, and if you love basketball and a high-intensity workout, you'll definitely want to learn more about Swish House!
42 min